A Slice of Penn

This is Pennmanship, an informational blog for all things Penn.


Penn is one of the greatest educational institutes in the world, with an incredibly rich history and amazing network of alumni. While there is no shortage of things to do, it may be hard to both discover and participate in them. This blog was created as an easily accessible hub for all Penn students and prospective applicants to be informed of what’s currently hot at Penn.

About Me

As you are reading this blog-newsletter hybrid, you may wonder why I am so dedicated to Penn. To preface, my family is Jewish. Before and during the 1950’s, my Great-Grandfather and Grandfather, whom were first and second generation immigrants from Poland respectively, were provided a world-class education from Penn. This was during a time in which anti-semitism was widespread and Jewish people were ostracized by society, relegated to only a few career paths. Penn provided them with the skills and education to lift our family bloodline out of poverty and instill a value of education that persists today.